Pretty Little Ballerinas - End of Year Concert

Tickets for our End of Year Concert will go on sale Friday 10th November 2023.

Please note that tickets are not reserved for the parents or family members. You can find FAQs for our concert below.

Tickets cannot be purchased over the phone or in person.

Seating is General Admission

Adults $8. Children $4. (3 years and under sitting on parent’s lap don’t require a ticket).

Children performing in the concert don’t need a ticket.

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Yes of course, everyone is welcome! A ticket must be purchased for anyone who wishes to come watch the show. Children performing in the concert don’t need a ticket.

If your child is performing in the concert they do not need a ticket. All adults and children who want to sit and watch the show must have a ticket. Baby ballerinas will sit on a parents lap following their performance so don’t require a ticket either.

Adults $8, Children $4

No, food and drinks are not available.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday 10th November. PLB don’t hold/reserve any tickets in advance. All tickets are General Admission.

Our end of year concert is a wonderful introduce into the world of stage performances. We create a stress free, relaxed environment where beautiful memories are created, however the concert is not compulsory.

If you child says they don’t want to do the concert that is completely fine. They will still learn the concert dances in class, which they may like to do a little at-home performance for you instead. Please let us know via email if your child will not be taking part in the concert.

Warners Bay Theatre – Lake St, Warners Bay NSW 2282

We take care of organising the costumes. All costumes have been handed out in class. An invoice to pay for your child’s concert costume will be emailed out this week. We ask parents to organise the stockings and ballet shoes and have your child’s hair in a bun (for girls) or combed back (for boys and any child with hair not long enough for a bun).

There is a car park at the back of the theatre and street parking.

Ballet shoes are required for all children performing on stage. Pink leather ballet shoes for girls and black leather ballet shoes for boys.

Warners Bay Theatre

Lake St, Warners Bay NSW 2282

Girls must come to the concert with their hair in a ballet bun. Boys have their hair combed and lightly hair sprayed or with a little gel. Baby ballet girls can have their hair slicked back if their hair is not long enough to tie up yet.

Sunday 3rd December at 3:30PM

All children to arrive 10-15 minutes before the concert starts.

Approx. half an hour.

We suggest bringing your child dressed in their concert outfit, however there are bathrooms and a backstage area for any child who needs to get changed.

Yes, classes run as per normal on Saturday 2nd December.

Miss Sarah and Miss Lizzy will take the children to the side stage room where they will have any final touch ups of their hair and received their headpiece. During the show children will be with their class mates and Miss Lizzy, waiting in the side stage room getting ready to go on stage.