Terms & Conditions


1. Term fees must be paid in full before the start of each term. In the event that this has not occurred, my child’s place may not be secured.

2. If I am unable to pay fees in accordance with the above condition, Pretty Little Ballerinas may, at its sole discretion, agree to provide me with an alternative payment plan, but I will remain liable for payment of the fees payable for the full term regardless of the number of classes attended by my child.

3. All fees are non refundable, and I am not entitled to a discount or credit for missed classes.

4. If my child misses a class, I may contact Pretty Little Ballerinas to request that my child attend a “make up” lesson. Pretty Little Ballerinas may provide a “make up” lesson at its sole discretion and subject to availability.


5. All children must be enrolled through the Pretty Little Ballerinas online enrolment form prior to attending a class.

6. I may enrol my child at any time throughout the year.

7. Pretty Little Ballerinas does not allow for “drop-ins”, nor does it conduct classes upon a casual basis.

8. If my child is a new enrolment and has not attended Pretty Little Ballerinas before, one free trial lesson may be offered at the sole discretion of Pretty Little Ballerinas.

9. Any “make up” classes must be taken within the same term of enrolment as any missed class. Pretty Little Ballerinas may, at its sole discretion, agree to defer the “make up” class to a later term, but such agreement will not be valid unless it is in writing.


10. There is no compulsory uniform at Pretty Little Ballerinas but I am responsible to ensure that my child is appropriately dressed for class and has correct and safe footwear. Tutus, leotards and ballet shirts, or fairy dresses which are above the knees are acceptable wear for girls. Shorts and a t-shirt, or a dress up outfit which is not restricting, are acceptable wear for boys.

11. My child will need to have his or her own pair of ballet shoes to participate in classes, although new students may be able to borrow a pair for the first couple of weeks, subject to availability. I should not bring my child to participate in classes wearing jiffies or socks because they are unsafe and too slippery.


12. If my child is enrolled in Baby Ballet classes, either my child’s other parent or I will also be required to fully participate in the classes.

13. If my child is aged 3 years or over, I am welcome to stay in the studio and watch my child’s first class; however, for all other classes I must wait outside the studio once the class commences, unless I have been expressly asked by the instructor to remain.


14. I give permission to Pretty Little Ballerinas to take photographs or videos of my child whilst participating in ballet classes or presentations run by Pretty Little Ballerinas.

15. I give permission to Pretty Little Ballerinas to use images or video of my child in any lawful manner across various media, including but not limited to: the Pretty Little Ballerinas website; Facebook; Instagram, and; any print or online promotional or marketing material used by or for the Pretty Little Ballerinas business.

16. I am aware that I may withdraw the permission which is set out above in sections 14 or 15 at any time by giving 7 days’ prior written notice. I agree that any such withdrawal of permission will not apply to any photographs, videos or images of my child obtained by Pretty Little Ballerinas prior to the date of withdrawal of permission.


17. In seeking to enrol my child with Pretty Little Ballerinas, I am aware and accept that participation by my child in ballet classes carries inherent risks of injury or harm to my child.

18. In consideration of Pretty Little Ballerinas acceptance of my child’s enrolment, I release and indemnify Pretty Little Ballerinas in respect of any injury, loss, damage or claim which may arise as a consequence of my child enrolling or participating in any activity conducted by Pretty Little Ballerinas.