Baby Ballet | 2-3 years | 30 mins

Ages 2-3 with parent/guardian. Baby Ballet is a 30 minute ballet class designed for tiny ballerinas to dance along with their mum or dad in a fun, safe, caring environment. Each lesson we go on a magical journey with the use of fun props and imaginative exercises.

Twinkle Toes | 3-4 years | 40 mins

Ages 3-4. In the Twinkle Toes classes ballerinas learn the basics of classical ballet in a relaxed, non-stressed, comfortable environment. This 40 minute long ballet class is designed to help develop musicality, poise and to excite and inspire young minds and bodies.

Princess Ballet | 4-5 years | 40 mins

Ages 4-5. This pre-school class focuses on simple ballet positions, technique, musicality and the joys of ballet. By this age ballerinas will be learning to follow more detailed directions in a fun, light-hearted, nurturing environment.

RAD Classes

Pre-primary | 5-6 years | 45 mins

Primary | 6-7 years | 45 mins

Grade 1 | 7-8 years | 45 mins

Grade 2 | 8-9 years | 45 mins

Pretty Little Ballerinas follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), the world’s leading organisation in classical ballet eduction. Children are placed in classes based on their age as of 30 June of each year. These enjoyable and fun 45 minutes classes focus on:


  • Correct posture

  • Core strength

  • Technique 

  • Flexibility

  • Musicality & Rhythm

  • Anatomy & Dance Vocabulary

  • Body Awareness & Self Correction